David Trussler I am a Web Developer, occasional musician, long-suffering supporter of Coventry City and sometime commentator on politics based in Coventry, West Midlands, UK.

I have been working in web development for several years after a lifetime spent in the print industry, both in design and in the actual process of applying ink to paper. Indeed, I have still been involved in this until quite recently, occasionally working on both litho and letterpress. I find getting my hands literally dirty provides a welcome relief from rearranging pixels on a screen! With this background, it’s no surprise that I am a bit obsessed with good, old-fashioned values of typography and find bringing this into the digital age a fascinating challenge. In fact I am sometimes amazed by the resemblance of juggling type, leading, furniture and letterpress forms with CSS floating and positioning!

In the realm of the internet, my main areas of expertise are XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP and MySQL. I am still more than handy from my print design days with Photoshop and Illustrator which I use to put a site together before the coding begins. I’m also pretty passionate about web compliance and accessibility standards.

My other main passion is music: my tastes are eclectic, and I dabble from time to time in both improvised music (playing clarinet) and electronic music. My output in the latter field has been described as “just noise” (which is just fine by me!).

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